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We apply Project Management skills throughout the project life cycle, from inception to design, construction and operation. 


By being pro-actively we ensure that the Client receives a project delivered within the parameters initially agreed to.

Business Meeting
  • Pre-feasibility investigations
  • Feasibility studies and Business Plans

  • Land Availability Agreements

  • Bulk Engineering Services Studies

  • Engineering Services Agreements and  Contributions

  • Scope Definition

  • Identification of key Project Partners

  • Procurement of Service Providers

  • Accessing of Project Finance

  • Marketing studies

  • Progress Certification and Financial  Control

  • Quality Control

  • Construction Management

  • Customer Relations


An important element of a successful project is achieving the specified quality as determined during the design phase.

This can only be achieved with a quality management system throughout the construction phase.

Construction Worker
  • Determining the specified quality on all components to achieve quality acceptable elements.
  • Setting up a process to monitor and measure elements against the specified criteria for acceptance; and
  • Setting up a control process to ensure that quality will be achieved.
Development & Project Mgt Services
Business Development
Quality Control
Two Men at a Meeting


Our knowledge of the Engineering environment, combined with our commercial approach to projects, allows us to offer engineering related services during the planning and design phase.

  • Risk Management: In the design process we ensure that innovative solutions are applied to fit the commercial constraints and uniqueness of each project.
  • Procurement: Our wide network of partners allows us to offer selected and appropriate professionals for each project.  We can assist with the procurement of such professionals, either as procurement advisor or by acting as Principal Agent ourselves, and sub-contracting with the relevant professionals.

  • Public Private Partnerships: Our knowledge of first, second and third tier government allows us to assist with the packaging of project funding where a combination of Public and Private Sector funding is involved. This includes CMIP bulk infrastructure grants, Housing Subsidies, External Engineering Services Contributions, Services Agreements with local authorities, Land Availability Agreements etc.

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